Pakistan in tenth place in the list of the world's biggest importers of weapons by 2015

Pakistan was tenth largest arms importer in the world in 2015, at one point from nine the previous year, a military think tank database reveals, while Saudi Arabia was leading importer of arms in the world, closely followed by India.

International Peace Research Institute shows, India was the top weapons importer in 2014.
Pakistan spent $ 735 million on imports of weapons by 2015. In comparison, India imported arms worth $ 3, 078m.

The biggest exporter of weapons to Pakistan in the year 2015, China was the transfers of weapons worth $ 565 million, followed by the United States of America (us) with $ 66 m in transfers of weapons.

Pakistan is also the largest Chinese merchant on the weapons, which represents 35 percent of the total turnover from the sale of weapons in the country,

Close military ties between Pakistan and China, sometimes sparked tension with India, which is trying to increase its own homegrown weapons industry and has long been objections to other countries by forging …

Harper Lee, 'To Kill a Mockingbird' author, dead at 89

Harper Lee, the whose debut novel, "To kill a mockingbird," immortalized his name in the history of justice and bred in a small town south and became a classic of American literature, has died. He was 89.

Her death was confirmed Friday in Hall enjoyable, Alabama, where he lived.

"Mockingbird," published in 1960, was derived from elements of his childhood in Lee enjoyable, Alabama. In the steady prose shadowed by memory and lyricism, describes how an impulsive girl, Scout Finch, the older brother Jem, their friend Dill and various other townspeople get caught when Tom Robinson, a black man accused of rape in the Depression-era town of Maycomb, Alabama.

Through it all, without character is more indelible than the Scout is widowed father, Atticus Finch. The lawyer meticulous, fair, who defends the accused falsely Robinson in a racist hall a model for the kindness and bravery that still resonates more than 50 years later.

"I want to see what real courage is, inst…

Sculpted in Steel: An artful construction of cars and motorcycles

Imagine owning a piece of artwork that you could sit in and to drive even.

In the Fine Arts Museum in Houston, the Art Deco vehicles are the "Sculptures in Steel Report" just proves it is possible - beautifully made, is artwork both modes.

The Art Deco style is characterized by the use of luxurious materials and clean lines, and dominated the worlds of architecture, fashion and cars worldwide between the first and second world wars.

The 14 cars and three motorcycles on display in the exhibition show the elegance of the era, introduced concepts such as aerodynamics design and chrome in vehicles.

Bodies were blessed with shiny metallic curves and finer details, such as grills, hood ornaments and windows were inspired by airplanes, and manufactured using industrial materials.

To see highlights from the report, scroll through the above collection.

"Sculptures in Steel" will be held at the Museum of Fine Arts, Houston from February 21 to May 30, 2016.

U.S. Air Force to send F-15 jets to Finland

The US Air Force will send six F-15s in Finland this spring for exercises that will operate from a base about 100 miles from the border with Russia, military officials say.

The six jets from the 173rd Fighter Wing at Kingsley Field Air National Guard base in Oregon will fly training missions with Finnish forces as part of the Atlantic resolve operation, which the United States began in 2014 to reassure NATO allies after the military intervention of Russia in Ukraine.

The United States requested the exercises, said Maj. Sheryll I. US Klinkel Europe air forces. If Finland is not part of NATO, it shares a 813 miles to the border with Russia and has worked with the United States several times in the past few years.

"More than that education has flown from Norway, Sweden and other neighboring nations. However, we never had F-15s conducting a training development in Finland, "the Klinkel said.

Increasingly aggressive Russian behavior over the past several years, prompting various …

Galaxy S7 Leak Delivers The First Bad News

There is always a catch. After the glorious revelation after revelation about the impending S7 of the galaxy, it seems Samsung has made a big mistake ...

Achieved by traditional leak Weibo mine target (via SamMobile), new hands-on photos of the galaxy S7 have given away perhaps the only main question remained unanswered and there is good news: MicroUSB is still there.

Yes, despite all the wonderful things can make the new USB Type C standard, Samsung seems to be stuck with the microUSB port unloved but ubiquitous set the standard in smartphones for many years. The discovery also seems to make backups released from prolific leaker @evleaks showed microUSB, but received strong criticism by many to be inaccurate.

Interestingly microUSB still has some supporters. Term is ubiquitous is the reason most supporters will be behind its inclusion in process, but the reality is Type-C represents the future and, with the approval of any new standard is painful, it is better to rip off the sticky p…

The Grammys pulled in 25 million viewers

Grammy Awards Monday night was easily the most popular program on television that night, but despite some of the best performances in years and a star-studded list of potential winners of prizes, ratings were a little disappointing. 24.95 million people tuned into CBS CBS + 3.65% see more manifestation of the music industry, which is a drop of 9.4% in viewership from last year's telecast. This number is now making this year's Grammys the least-watched since 2009.

Big names such as Taylor Swift, Lady Gaga and Adele probably helped keep numbers as high as it was, but the audience for many television broadcasts of events has thrown slightly over the years. Grammys are incredibly popular, but unlike the Oscars (which is the most-watched entertainment program of the year), there are many stars, songs, and albums honored that the masses may not be familiar with, and there is much that is not understood about why certain elements are given and why others are not.

Aside from some conf…

How to Pitch, value & Fund your digital baby - Part 3 of the series 6-place digital operators

This is part 3 of the 6-part series where I present a set of best practices start / build / contrarian output for digital entrepreneurs.

The first part examines the processes and the people who surround the boot process / build / output. The second part was about the players: entrepreneurs, investors, investment bankers and lawyers.

The pitch, valuation and financing

This section examines how to pitch, value and fund your digital baby. This is the process necessary meat and innovation.

The pitch

I hate to start focusing on the form in relation with an implied indifference to the content, or otherwise said style over substance. But the shape and style is extremely important especially for investors who are generally more impressed with a sweet appetizer than a real meal. Snarky comments aside, it is obviously important to "throw" very well - as so many «start-up gurus" tell us all the time. Some of the advice is really very good, but some are awful. Here are the basics: